Well it's been a long road and we thank you for your patience...the website is now officially launched, complete with audio clips from the new full length CD "Going Through The Motions" which will be available in our "store" on the website in a few weeks (you can take a sneak peak at "CD Liner Notes" for some details and listen to some clips in "audio").  We began recording the album in October of 2014 at BopStop Studios in Medford with George Trksak behind the controls.  We then began mixing our tracks in December and most recently sent them along to Dana White from Specialized Mastering who put the magic touch on everything!  What an awesome experience working with them both and making it all come to life slowly but surely.  I want to personally thank George, Dana and all the musicians that participated in the project for your time and energy, it was an experience that I will never forget and it was truly an honor to work with all of you.  You can read a little about all the musicians in our "bio" section here on the website and learn about upcoming performances on our "calendar" which will be updated as gigs come in (if you'd like an email about upcoming gigs, be sure to sign up on our list to the right hand side of any page on the site).  I also want to thank Kate and Ayla for their help with the art work! No album would be complete without the visuals!  Speaking of, check out the "photos" section for an inside look at all that happened in the studio and elsewhere.  I hope to see you soon at some performances and I eagerly await the arrival of the CD's to share with you all.  Thanks for all your support!


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