The Laurie Goldsmith Project

"Going Through The Motions" ©2015

1. Kiss Me At The Red Light

2. Stay

3. Any Other Way

4. August Lullaby

5. Going Through The Motions

6. All Because of You

7. Why Do You Look So Good

8. Strange Quiet

9. Little Bird

10. Planet Yor

11. Tahoe Dreams

12. Jub Jub Dub (Dubbing Through The Motions)

Laurie Goldsmith, vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, harmonica, tibetan singing bowl and tingsha

Tal Shalom-Kobi, upright bass on tracks 1 through 7; accordian on track 6

Gillian De Lear, drums on tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 11

Soohee Moon, keyboard on track 11

Glen Grant, drums on tracks 3 and 5

Kera Washington, percussion on track 10

Ririka Tokushige, saxaphone on track 3 and 5

Louisa Gelfuso Bram, trumpet on tracks 3 and 5

Julia McKenzie, violin on track 7

Guest vocalist Craig Akira Fujita on track 5

All songs, lyrics and music written and arranged by Laurie Goldsmith except

“Tahoe Dreams” music by Gillian Delear and lyrics by Laurie Goldsmith. 

“Jub Jub Dub” Mixed and co-produced by Joma

© 2015 TheLaurieGoldsmithProject

Recorded and mixed by George Trksak  at Bopstop Studios in Medford, MA

Produced by Laurie Goldsmith and George Trksak

Mastered by Specialized Mastering, Boston, MA

Graphic Design by Kate Lee,

Cover drawing by Ayla Kobi

Thanks to all the people who supported me in this project, most notably George, Tal, Kera, Jo, Akira, and a special thanks to LB for encouraging me, for your love, generosity and inspiration. This one is for you.


"The World Of Weather" ©2017

1. Little Piece of Land

2. Love Has A Way 

3.The World Of Weather

4. Drivin’ Blues 

5. Telling Me 

6. Nice n’ Slow

7. The Reasons

8. The Way That You Do

9. Cupid’s Arrow

10. One Night

11. Kune Kuna

12. Goats Are Great (bonus track)

All songs, lyrics and music written, arranged, recorded, produced and mixed by Laurie Goldsmith

except ”Goats Are Great” produced and engineered by John Farrington at Manta Ray Studios, Cambridge, MA 

Laurie Goldsmith: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, keyboard, drums, percussion, penny whistle

Tal Shalom-Kobi, upright bass on tracks 3, 6, 9

Robert Goldsmith, harmonica on track 4 & 8

Craig Akira Fujita, guest vocals on track 2

David Eure, violin on tracks 1, 5, 7, 10

John Farrington, additional guitars and vocals, and drums on track 12

Robin Haynes Teague, saxophone, track 12

Recorded and mixed at Lucky Dog Studios in Jamaica Plain, MA and Bethel, VT

Mastered by Dana White, Specialized Mastering, Portland, OR

Cover art by Lia Kobi; Graphic Design by Ben Goldsmith

©2017 TheLaurieGoldsmithProject

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Thank you to all the great blues, jazz, reggae, country and folk artists and traditions that have come before me and inspired me in my musings. Thank you to Tal Shalom-Kobi, Robert Goldsmith, Craig Akira Fujita, and David Eure for your talent and contributions and a very special thank you to my tech support crew: JoMa, John Farrington and Dana White who never failed to come through at many junctures with their time, generosity and expertise.  And last but certainly not least a final thanks to LB for continuing to inspire me in love and in life, and for encouraging me and supporting me to grow as an artist and as a spiritual being.  I love you.

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